The benefits of Advantage II for your favourite pets

For individuals who are needing a product that will easily kill off ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and even flea larvae eggs, they may want to consider using Sentry Pro. This product, can provide protection to a variety of dogs, regardless of their age group, when applied to them in a proper manner. Nonetheless, while there are many benefits to using this particular product, we encourage our visitors to read on as we outline some additional details that need to be taken into consideration ahead of time, to ensure that there are no adverse reactions for your dog.

Trying to select a product that can handle many different infestations effectively, can at times be a challenge for the customer to do, without some proper guidance along the way. That said, the Sentry Pro products have effortlessly color coded all their products, so that the consumer can more easily find the correct one to match their pets needs. Furthermore, they also have made many of the products that they carry to have at least three applications within each box to allow not only for cost effectiveness, but to let the consumer be able to treat their dog for up to three months at a time, without the additional expense.

In addition, many people worry about handling their pets, once they have used the Sentry Pro product on them to treat the fleas, ticks, or chewing lice issues. The company recommends that after the liquid has been placed onto the dog’s skin, that it be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. Having said that, it is also advisable to keep the dog away from other animals, and especially cats, as this product does have a certain level of pesticide in it, and can cause harmful effects to those that come into contact with it until it dries.

Now, while Sentry Pro products can help with killing off flea infestations within a matter of one hour, it will take at least three hours for the product to kill off ticks. That said, in order to ensure that the right product is chosen for your dog, it will be crucial that the pet owner takes the time to get the weight and age correct. Often time’s people will guess their dog’s weight, and then complain that the product either didn’t work for them, or that the dog became ill.

That being said, we strongly urge our readers to take a moment to get the dog weighed, so that the right application is given to them, and thus will also help to avoid any fatal accidents pertaining to overdosing, or under dosing the animal. Equally as important, will be making sure that the Sentry Pro not ever be given to puppies who are under the age of 12 weeks. That said, it is also never to be used on cats, as it’s active ingredients are only suitable for dogs.

Additionally, if a cat does accidentally come into contact with these products, the person will want to get them to the veterinarian as soon as discovery has been noticed. Having said that, while the Sentry Pro products are safe for most dogs, when the instructions are properly followed, it may not be safe for those animals with other health issues. Furthermore, if the dog already has any type of organ health problems, the person should consult with their veterinarian prior to using the Sentry Pro.

In order to apply the product to the dog, simply cut the tube open, and place one drop working from the middle of the shoulder blades, until you reach almost to the dog’s tail. Nevertheless, before starting the process the person will want to be certain that they are wearing protective gloves, and mask to ensure they don’t breath the product in. Now, if there is any allergic reaction to the product, such as foaming at the mouth, or excessive salivation, immediately give your dog some food, and water, and monitor them closely for the next 24 hours. If, this continues, then they will need to be seen by their veterinarian to ensure other health issues are not present with them.

For anyone trying to find a product to control their dog’s infestation with fleas, or ticks at times, it can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, we hope our article has helped better guide our visitors on an effective product to try. On that note, if you’re trying to get your dog’s flea, and chewing lice issue under control, we recommend taking a look to see if Sentry Pro products can solve these issues for you effectively.

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