Advantage II is the most successful flea infestation removal medicine on the market. With its predecessor, Advantage, they have been helping pet owners successfully get rid of fleas and lice in cats  and dogs for over 14 years. Here is a selection of customer reviews on Advantage II and its effects on dogs and cats:

JR from Florida, Pomeranian, “Super,” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“We have a Pomeranian who has long fur and is always scratching herself. In the summer months especially, she often scratches herself so much that she is bleeding in places and is constantly in pain. We were recommended Advantage II by our vet and he showed us how to use it properly and we have never looked back. Our dog does not scratch and she is a much friendlier animal as she is not constantly scratching despite the fact that she is outdoors a lot of the time and socialises in the park with other dogs. We would definitely recommend it for all dog owners.”

Joann from Hattiesburg, MS, Siamese Cat, “Advantage II is excellent,” Overall Rating: 4 Stars
“Our Persians have been scratching on and off throughout the year and we have tried a myriad of treatments but nothing seemed to work. They are very short tempered and cannot sit still until we tried Advantage II and it was miraculous. Within four or five hours the cats were finally sitting still resting. We think the flea infestation was from our neighbour’s place where there was a lot of construction going on, however, Advantage II cured them of it instantaneously.”

The Retrievers from Lumberton, NC, “Works a treat,” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“The best thing about Advantage II is how easy it is to use. We have two long haired retrievers and they are always a pain to spray and are always rolling around outside in the dirt and we suspected they have fleas as they were both scratching themselves all the time. We were quite worried as we have just had a baby and he was also getting more rashes than usual. Our doctor suggested we get the dogs checked for fleas and the vet recommended we use Advantage II. We just parted the hair on the dogs backs and dropped a few drops onto their skin at the base of the neck and down their back and literally within hours they had stopped scratching. Also our baby stopped scratching as well in a day or so. We are convinced it was because of Advantage II and we would recommend it to everyone who has pets.”

Maine Coon Lover, California, “Great Stuff!” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“We have tried a lot of products and nothing really seems to work. A lot of them work for a few days and then we are back to an annoying cat that just doesn’t sit still and is very cranky. The fact that he is a Maine Coon means that he is a big cat anyway and when he gets angry irritated you can really tell as the scratching and pawing at himself and everything else gets really violent at times as if he is trying to pull out his own hair. And the constant grooming is also annoying as he leaves trails of his tail and other hair everywhere.  We tried Advantage II and it was amazing: we could literally see the fleas jumping off her. Also it does not smell like a lot of other cheap brands. It is really effective and just make sure you put it down in your diary to use it every month.”

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