Several Interesting Aspects Regarding Using Bio Spot Defense

For anyone searching for an effective product to help with flea and tick issues for both cats, and dogs, taking a closer look at using Bio Spot Defense could prove to be beneficial. In addition, the included smart shield applicator can help to ensure the long-lasting liquid reaches down past the animal’s fur, and makes contact with the skin with ease. Nevertheless, like all chemical products, there are benefits, risks, and usage details that need to be followed, so we encourage our viewers to read on, as we explore all of these for our readers today.

When it comes to the benefits, which can be gained from Bio Spot Defense for both dogs, and cats, the consumer will be pleased to read that using it in conjunction with a complete tick and flea management system, can benefit greatly all those around the pet too. Moreover, while there are other products out on the market, this one seems to be priced fairly reasonable, considering how effective it is for the long-term treatment of killing off the fleas, and their eggs. Equally important, to mention is that the product goes to work within a matter of 15 minutes, once applied to the animal’s skin.

That being said, often times certain products that are safe for the dog, will not be the case for a cat. However, the company created a separate product, for each animal, with the green packaging for dogs, and the pink packaging for cats, so that consumers can easily tell the two of them apart. The Bio Spot Defense can be used on toy dogs, and puppies who are at least six to twelve pounds in weight, and 10 weeks of age or older. Now for cats, and kittens, they have to weigh in at it over 2 1/2 pounds, but not to exceed more than 5 pounds, in order for the product to work effectively for them.

On top of that, another added benefit to using the Bio Spot Defense product, is that it does have lanolin in it, which is helpful to condition the dogs and cats coat. Furthermore, the product helps with protection against the returning of ticks, and fleas for a full 30 days. Moreover, each package will contain a three-month supply for cats, and six-month supply for dogs, which can help treat this issue effectively, even for those on a tight budget.

Now, while many other ticks, and flea products can at times prove to be difficult to easily apply them to the dog, or cat, the consumer will not have that type of issue with the Bio Spot Defense. Taking the time to follow the instructions within the package can walk even the novice through smoothly using their smart shield applicator, which sets this product apart from their competitors effortlessly. Furthermore, by placing the one tube, inside of the included applicator, the person can rest assured that the product is going to be applied onto the pet, and not the person’s skin.

Keeping that thought in mind, the dog should be in a standing position, so it is easier to get the liquid onto their skin. Once the process has been started, the person simply pushes the button on the Smart Shield Applicator, as they move the Bio Spot Defense product on the back of the dog’s spine, in between their shoulder blades. However, pay close attention not to press the button more than one time at each of the areas mentioned, or it can cause the liquid to run down the side of the dog, which is not recommended.

Therefore, the consumer will want to use caution not to rub in the product, but allow it to air dry on the dog, or cat for at least two hours, before petting them or handling them in any manner. Furthermore, in order for the product to be effective, it is recommended that treatment be done only once within the 30-day limit. If, more control is needed for heavy flea, and tick infestation, it’s advisable to consult with the pet’s veterinarian, so that they can put a full program together to combat this, while using this product as a part of the overall program plan.

When it comes to treating small toy dogs, and cats, there are few products readily available to select from. Moreover, once a product is located, trying then to apply it can now become the next obstacle to overcome in the process. Nonetheless, we hope our information here, has enlightened our readers who may be struggling with this current issue, to take a closer look at using the Bio Spot Defense product, which can easily help finally get rid of those flea’s effortlessly starting with the first application.

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