Capstar Flea Control for Dogs And Cats

When a person is looking for a product that will kill ticks and fleas, we highly recommend using Capstar Flea Control for Dogs & Cats. In addition, with its easy to use tablet formula, it can be given in a variety of dosage levels, which can make it an ideal choice for those pets that don’t like taking medications at all. That said, we would encourage our viewers to read on, as there are other factors, benefits, and risk that the consumer will want to take notice of too, and we are going to explore all of these here today.

For many people that have cats and dogs as pets, they often will struggle with locating one ideal product line to use for both types of animals. However, we are pleased to say that the Capstar Flea Control for Dogs & Cats, has thought about those families’ needs easily. They not only make their products readily available to suit both animals, but also took the extra step to create different color coding packages to address the issue of getting the right dosage levels to meet their weight and height needs to.

That said, it’s not easy when trying to decide which type of pack is needed based upon the flea, and tick issues the cat or dog is currently facing. Furthermore, it will be crucial that the person not guess on the cat, or dogs weight, as the packages are specifically color coded to ensure the proper treatment dose is being done. Keep in mind, the person can select the Capstar Flea Control for Dogs & Cats, which clearly will state how many tablets need to be given based upon each pound the animal weighs, so it’s possible that the pet owner might need only a four-day supply for their small cat, or dog.

While, the heavier, or larger dog or cat may, require more like the 24 pack in order to kill off their flea or tick infestation. That said, if your cat or dog weighs over 25 pounds, then the consumer should select the green packages instead of the blue ones. Now, the fast-acting formula within this product, will typically kill off the adult fleas on the pet starting with the very first dose.

For that reason, there is no need to give more than one tablet to the dog, or cat, unless you see another flea infestation taking place. Furthermore, it will be crucial to read the instructions on the package to ensure, that you don’t overdose the pet with this product either. Having said that, the company recommends that the person use this one-time tablet dose, along with another preventative measure such as the Frontline, or Advantage product to stop any more tick, or fleas from returning long term into the pet’s living quarters.

Nevertheless, while there are benefits to using this tablet, such as being able to hide it in the pet food, there are also some side effects to watch out for. Generally speaking, the product is safe to give to the dog or cat; however, it is possible that the dog may get the following side effects from using this product. This could include decreased appetite, itching as the fleas are dying off, vomiting, diarrhea, incoordination, hyperactivity, panting heavily, or trembling. Furthermore, if the dog experiences an allergic reaction such as hives, fever, vocalization, nervousness, or some other unusual reaction, it will be advisable to take them into their veterinarian immediately.

Keeping that thought in mind, cats may also get these same mentioned side effects, but in addition to the ones listed, they could also experience difficulty breathing, pupil dilation, trembling, and an increased heart rate. For that reason, while the Capstar Flea Control for Dogs & Cats, has been said to be safe to give even to pregnant, and nursing cats, and dogs, if the pet is already on other medications, it is strongly recommended to ask the vet before giving it to them. Take the time to follow the directions properly, can help to avoid any overdosing, or adverse side effects from taking place.

When a person is trying to treat their dog, or cat for an immediate flea, or tick infestation, the choices out on the market can be confusing of what to select. However, we hope our readers gain some additional information with our article here today, that can now help them to make an informed purchasing decision. Finally, if you’re trying to find a suitable product to help eliminate a flea, and tick issue for your cat or dog, we recommend you talk to your vet to see if Capstar Flea Control for Dogs & Cats, can help with your own current issue easily too.

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