What is Advantage II by Bayer and how does it work?
Advantage II is a flea infestation prevention medicine made for both dogs and cats by Bayer Animal Health Care. It has been in use for over 14 years and is the leading flea preventative that offers all round protection for your favourite pet. It has special ingredients that kill not only adult fleas, but also eggs, larvae and pupae, making your cat or dog, flea free for up to a month when it should be reapplied. Moreover, in the case of dogs, it controls lice and prevents them from infesting your pet. It is suitable for pets from 7 weeks old (for dogs) and 8 weeks old for cats.

What are the benefits of Advantage II?
The benefits of Advantage II are numerous: it is safe and easy to apply and works quickly, killing fleas within 12 hours of application and continuing to work for up to a month. It has active ingredients that will not only kill adult fleas, but also flea eggs, which normally form the majority of any infestation and which can fall off your dog or cat and hatch into larvae and pupae in warm and humid conditions (on carpets, sofas and other household areas) and cause harm to adults, children as well as pets in your household.
The active ingredients of Advantage II attack the central nervous system of the flea so that it is not necessary for the flea to have a blood meal, moreover, these ingredients also attack eggs, larvae and pupae of the fleas so the infestation is completely removed from the animal.

How should I use Advantage II on my pet?
Advantage II comes in various sizes that correspond to the size of your pet (0.23ml turquoise colour applicators for kittens of under 5 lb, 0.4ml orange applicators for cats of 5-9 lb and a 0.8ml purple coloured applicator for cats that are 9lb and over; for dogs there are four sizes corresponding to the size of your dog). Advantage II should be used every month for both cats and dogs to give continuing protection. For cats, it should be placed directly on the skin at the base of the skull above the shoulder blades, the point at which it is most difficult for your cat to groom itself.
For your dog, follow the instructions and again, place Advantage II at the base of the neck, between shoulder blades (for small dogs). For larger dogs, follow the instructions and place Advantage II in four equal portions from the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades to the tail above the hind legs.

Where can I get Advantage II?
Advantage II is an over the counter medicine for your pet and is available without prescription at most vets and stores dedicated to animals.

Are there any precautions I should take while using Advantage II?
Advantage II should be used with care and precautions should be taken not to be swallowed. It is suitable for kittens and cats over 8 weeks old and puppies and dogs over 7 weeks old. Please take advice from your local vet before giving it to nursing, pregnant or unwell animals. If you get it on your skin, be sure to wash it off thoroughly with soap and water. If you get it into your eyes, rinse them with plenty of water.

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