Advantage II by Bayer is the leading medication for flea infestation removal in cats and dogs. It has two separate ingredients that when combined protect your pet from all current infestations and future infestations from larvae, pupae or even flea eggs. Imidacloprid, an animal safe pesticide that has been in use for over fourteen years, affects the central nervous system of the flea and causes the flea to become paralysed and results in its death. This, combined with pyriproxifen, which is an Insect Growth Regulator, means that the flea infestations can be eliminated as pyriproxifen kills all pupae, larvae and even eggs which form the major part of any infestation (more than 90% of an infestation is in the form of young or unhitched fleas).

There are a multitude of benefits of Advantage II: your pet has complete protection from skin infections caused by excessive scratching and irritations due to flea infestations and flea bites, and here she is also protected from other organisms like tapeworms which can cause quite severe diseases. The fact that Advantage II has been formulated to work when it comes in contact with your fleas and not necessarily from fleas biting your dog or cat means that all infestations are cleared and even go so far as to kill lice on dogs as well. Moreover, applying Advantage II a monthly basis means that your home is free from fleas and lice and more importantly if you have children, they are not bothered by the excessive bites and scratching that can result from a flea infestation in your home.

Advantage II comes in four different sizes for your dog and can be applied to dogs and puppies from seven weeks to adults: small dogs (which are 10lb and below), medium dogs (11-20lb), large dogs (21-55lb) and extra large dogs (over 55lb). The application procedure is quite simple for both dogs and cats and takes only a few seconds. Just follow the instructions on the tube of Advantage II and break the seal. Make sure your dog is standing comfortably.

For small dogs from 10lb and under up to 20lbs, Advantage II should be applied between the shoulder blades at the base of the dog neck. Part the hair in between the shoulder blades of the dog so you can clearly see the skin (it is important to apply Advantage II to the skin a sthis will be the most effective way of clearing the infestation and giving continued protection). Once you see the skin, put the tube on the skin and squeeze the whole contents onto the skin taking special care not to get any into your dog’s mouth or eyes. For larger dogs, the same procedure should be followed (part the hair of the dog and find the skin) however, the drops should be applied in four spots evenly on the back, starting from the base of the neck between the shoulder blades to the area at the end of the back at the base of the tail. Take extra care not to apply too much solution so as to cause a run-off and again take extra care not to get it into the eyes or mouth.

The procedure for applying Advantage II onto your cat is similar to that of dogs, part the hair at the base of your cat’s skull and apply the drops directly onto the skin of your cat, taking care to get all the contents of the tube onto the skin for maximum and ongoing protection. Try not to get the drops into your cat’s eyes or mouth, however, you may notice that your cat is salivating more than usual as it is bitter and if your cat licks it right after application it will need to get the taste out of its mouth. The fact that you have applied it at the base of the skull will reduce the chances of your cat licking it off straight away, and it will be protected for up to a month.

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