Advantage Flea Control

Advantage Flea Control - Helping Make Pets More Comfortable

In the past few years, Advantage Flea Control has become a popular choice for dog and cat owners because it works for a full month to keep the dreaded flea parasites off the animal. In the first twelve hours after the application, 98% of the fleas die. Additionally, Advantage Flea Control kills the larvae and prevents eggs from hatching.

Advantage can be applied to puppies when they are seven weeks old and kittens at eight weeks. The product is in liquid form and applied to the skin between the shoulder blades of the animal.

Because of the application location, there is no danger the animal will lick it off when it is first applied. Once it has been absorbed through the skin, there is no danger of water washing the treatment off, and shampooing has no effect either.

Unlike some other flea medications, Advantage Flea Control is safe to use when an animal is gestating or nursing a litter. When stored per the manufacturer’s specifications and left unopened, Advantage Flea Control does not expire.

Safety Issues with Advantage Flea Control

Many pet owners are afraid to use Advantage and other topical flea medications because they have read of poisoning and damage to internal organs. Any medication can be harmful to animals if it is not administered as recommended. Advantage for dogs is a different product than the one for cats, and applying a dog medication to a feline is the wrong thing to do.

Advantage products are sold based on the size of the animal. For safety purposes, it is unwise to use the recommended dosage for a large dog on a small one (more is not better). Once the medication is applied, the empty container should be discarded properly so there is no danger the animal will come in contact with it.

Lasting Flea Protection

The number of days that Advantage Flea Control protection lasts will vary depending on several conditions, but it will continue to kill fleas for approximately 30 days. Pet owners should not be tempted to double up and apply the treatment more often than recommended.

As with any medication, Advantage may not be suitable for all cats or dogs. If any notable changes occur in an animal while using the medication, it should be discontinued and future use discussed with a veterinarian.

In Conclusion

Advantage Flea Control has proven effective for flea control for many years. In highly infested areas, the quality of life for cats and dogs is greatly improved when using this product produced by Bayer Industries.

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